This graph shows the temperature of a room over time. How many °F does the temperature of the room increase by every 1 min? Enter your answer in the box. °F

Accepted Solution

Solution:Graph of temperature of a room(°F) and time(T) is given in the graph.When Time increases temperature of a room also increases.It means time is in directly proportional to temperature.We can Find  equation of line using two point slope formula.The line passes through (0,65) and (20,75).X coordinate = Time, Y coordinate = TemperatureEquation of line passing through [tex](x_{1}, y_{1}) {\text{and} (x_{2},y_{2}) {\text{is given by} = \frac{y_{2}-y_{1}}{x_{2}-x_{1}}=\frac{y-y_{1}}{x-x_{1}}[/tex]Equation of line passing through (0,65) and (20,75) is given as:⇒ [tex]\frac{y-65}{x-0}=\frac{75-65}{20-0}\\\\2 y -130=x\\\\  x -2 y +130=0[/tex] When t=1 i.e x=11 - 2 y + 130 = 02 y = 131y = 65.5°FThe temperature increases by 0.5° C with every increase of time by 1 minute.