A football coach sits on a sled while two of his players build their strength by dragging the sled across the field with ropes. the friction force on the sled is 1140 n and the angle between the two ropes is 25.0 ∘. how hard must each player pull to drag the coach at a steady 2.30 m/s ? assume both players pull with the same force.

Accepted Solution

Refer to the diagram below, which provides a plan view of the problem

Because each player applies the same force, F, the angle between the force and the direction of motion is (1/2)*25° = 12.5°.

Because the sled  moves with constant velocity, the sled is in dynamic equilibrium, and
2F cos(12.5°) = 1140 N
1.9526 F = 1140
F = 583.84 N

Answer: 583.8 N (nearest tenth)